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Simplify and Automate
Virtual Desktops in Google Cloud

NetApp’s Virtual Desktop Service allows you to deploy, manage, and optimize virtual desktop environments in Google Cloud Platform through a SaaS-delivered global control plane.

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Businesses continue to embrace the movement of shifting their workforce productivity model primarily from a traditional desktop environment to cloud-driven virtual desktop solutions. Integrating virtual desktop solutions within the private cloud, public cloud or hybrid environment have resulted in operational cost efficiencies with the flexibility to support desktops and software access regardless of where the user is physically located.


Why Virtual Desktop Service

NetApp makes virtual desktop provisioning in the Google Cloud fast and easy through machine logic and full automation. NetApp’s Virtual Desktop Service (VDS) is a global control plane for virtual desktop management that functions as an extension of your Google Cloud management toolset.

With the automated deployment capabilities of VDS, businesses can avoid the challenges and inefficiencies facing most organizations when constructing VDI environments, especially in multiple regions around the world.

VDS not only automates VDI deployment but provides ongoing management of industry-standard Windows Remote Desktop Services (RDS) deployments in your Google Cloud Platform environments regardless of region or subscription, including the application stack.

VDS provides you a ‘single pane of glass’ to manage your complete VDI environments, including legacy on-premise VDI thereby allowing easy migration to the Google Cloud.


Why Virtual Desktop

VDS generic control plane topology

The Challenges

IT Challenges

  • ic-01-1 High costs associated with manual configuration of individual workspaces
  • ic-02-1 Lack of speed and agility when managing users, provisioning resource, or applying policy changes across desktop workspaces
  • ic-03-1 Complexity of managing the VDI solution stack across users, infrastructure, applications, and devices
  • ic-02 Scaling workloads across multiple global cloud environments to adapt for surges in virtual desktop users

Business Challenges

  • ic-01 Slows down employee productivity and time-to-value
  • ic-09 Inability to integrate virtual desktop data orchestration, resource allocation, and workload movement seamlessly
  • ic-05 Proliferation of endpoint devices creates complexity when synchronizing user real-time data, software, and applications
  • ic-08 Loss of productivity and capacity needed to support sudden increases in remote, contract, or seasonal workforce demands

Key Use Cases

Enable a new, more flexible workplace for a more virtual workforce

Address mobile user and device proliferation

Adapt to seasonal, shift or contract workers

The Solution: Virtual Desktop Service

Virtual Desktop Service is NetApp’s SaaS solution to automatically provision, deploy, manage, and optimize virtual desktops in
Google Cloud Platform. It extends your Google Cloud VDI capabilities by delivering a global control plane to manage virtual desktops through all phases of the desktop lifecycle. Virtual Desktop Service is a flexible solution, with open REST APIs, that is interoperable with your private, public or hybrid cloud deployment strategy and your user’s chosen endpoint devices.



Automate Workspace Deployment

Automate deployment of virtual workspaces for employees that syncs with real-time data, and integrates with your public cloud of choice.


Simplify User Management

Simplify and schedule software updates, data orchestration, resource allocaion, and workload movement centrally, seamlessly.


Unify Applications Management

Unify application management and runtime sessions that span user identity, server authentication, data files, databases, storage, profiles and user &/or departmental configurations according to policy.


Utilize Open REST APIs and SaaS

Utilize open REST API and our simplified SaaS user interface to accelerate time to provision, manage, update, and even power down virtual desktops centrally.


Scale Cloud Resources

Automatically scale cloud infrastructure resources up or down to meet current or planned demand, and recapture overprovisioned resources to save up to 50% on your cloud spend.


Integrate with NetApp Cloud Solutions

Integrate VDS with the complete NetApp Cloud Data Services family with underlying high-performance shared storage, data protection and optimization and compliance

Customer Success Stories


NetApp’s VDS Solution frees us up to focus on leveraging our industry-specific expertise, and to spend more time on things that add real value to our customers and our business.


During our review of NetApp’s VDS, it was clear from the start that VDS offered a mature platform capable of meeting our requirements now and in the future. VDS has proven itself, allowing HCSS to streamline the customer experience now and in the future.


NetApp VDS has made the road to the cloud managed desktops easier with simple yet cost-effective global control plane. NetApp VDS mitigates our VDI complexity and scaling costs.


We did a lift-and-shift from on-prem for most of the users, but for one-third of them remote desktops are now the norm. We just would not be able to do what we’re doing with Windows Virtual Desktop without NetApp VDS.


VDS allows us to meet the evolving demand of the customers while maintaining an environment without an overly complex architecture to support. VDS provided Viewpoint the ability to offer custom branded access portals for both user and management.