NetApp Cloud Volumes Service
for GCP: Benchmarks

Putting Cloud Volumes Service for GCP to the test.
These benchmarks show the performance that Cloud Volumes Service for GCP delivers



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  • NFSv3 Workloads
  • Google Cloud Filestore

NFSv3 Workloads

NFSv3 Workloads - IOPS

Testing reveals a single cloud volume multi GCE instance upper limit of roughly 240,000 IOPS. These data points were generated based on the results of multiple Vdbench runs from fifteen GCE instances. The results are indicative of the performance a customer could expect to achieve against a single volume from applications run in a scale out (multiple compute node) configuration.


NFSv3 Workloads – Throughput

The sequential tests were done using the tools and configuration as procedures as above. In this case the maximum amount of throughput achievable against a single volume is ~3.4GiBps for both 100% reads and mixed 50% read/write workloads.


~ 168,000 IOPS at sub 2ms latency

Testing reveals that the Cloud Volumes Service performs at minimal latency on GCP. Running in the us-central1 region, NFSv3 workloads drove ~168,000 IOPS before reaching the 2ms latency mark.

Read this blog for more information on how enterprise applications perform with Cloud Volumes Service for Google Cloud Platform.

diagram-gcp-3 (1)

Cloud Filestore and Cloud Volumes Service
for Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud is now even faster with Cloud Volumes Service for Google Cloud Platform

The table on the right pulls results generated during the testing for NFSv3 workload on Cloud Volumes Service for GCP and information on Cloud Filestore listed by Google Cloud. Cloud Filestore enables customers to run smaller workloads they never thought possible in the cloud at a very low latency. Now, with the close partnership of NetApp and Google Cloud customers can also run their extremely demanding workloads at a low latency with Cloud Volumes Service for Google Cloud Platform!