DevOps Efficiency with NetApp® Cloud Volumes ONTAP

Advanced Features to Simplify your Development and Testing

When building out a development or test environment, resource utilization flexibility is at the core of why the cloud has become so popular for enterprises today.
With NetApp® Cloud Volumes ONTAP, you can take advantage of the flexibility of AWS compute and storage resources while also gaining enterprise-class features that both minimize the resources used and enhance your ability to scale.

DevOps Efficiency in the Cloud

Efficient Cloning

With FlexClone® technology within Cloud Volumes ONTAP, you can create a golden (clone) image, and deploy all your working environments off of clones without expanding your storage footprint. Along with the storage resource efficiency, each of these clones can be created instantaneously, allowing you to rapidly build out hundreds of environments in minutes, versus traditional solutions that sometimes take weeks or more.



SQL Database Applications on the Cloud

Reduce the cost and complexity of deploying your SQL-based applications in the cloud with Cloud Volumes ONTAP for AWS.

Cost Efficiencies

Minimize your cloud storage footprint with compression, data deduplication and thin provisioning.


Not hindered by storage capacity, on premise restrictions and load management, your databases on the cloud can perform at increased speed levels.


Your database cloud configuration can be automated using Simple REST API for storage operations or a CloudFormation template.

Data Protection

Data snapshots allow simple recovery from data corruption and are storage efficient, fast and assure data integrity.

Data Management

Use advanced data management capabilities with enterprise-class clustered Data Cloud Volumes ONTAP features such as data deduplication, thin provisioning, FlexClone copies, SnapMirror, and SnapManager®

Enterprise Disaster Recovery Readiness

You can use SnapMirror® replication from an on-premise data center, or between AWS regions. Storage replication does not affect database performance.


Get application consistent data backups with SnapManager for SQL and seamless migration to and from your existing infrastructure.

QA Support

Attain a well suited database to support QA. FlexClone® copies allow for storage-efficient and quick data copies, with APIs designed to allow streamlined testing automation.

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