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Simplify Windows File Server Deployments on Google Cloud


NetApp® Cloud Volumes Service for Google Cloud is a fully-managed file storage solution that enables you to migrate Windows applications without rearchitecting.


Simplify Windows migration to Google Cloud

Get support for SMBv3 protocol for applications needing secure, stateful session connectivity to file volumes and support for SMBv3 multichannel for improved throughput on Windows workloads.

Maintain Windows performance

With consistently high performance of over 400k IOPS, you get shared persistent storage with high throughput and low latency to easily meet the demands of large-scale application environments.

Save money

Control your cloud performance and costs by dynamically adjusting storage and capacity on the fly across four service tier options.

Improve security and encryption

At-rest AES 256-bit encryption protects data without compromising application performance. NetApp’s separation of the control plane and data plane gives you increased control and security to help increase your organization’s overall regulatory compliance without compromising user experience.

Speed time to market

NetApp® Snapshot™ technology lets you automate or manually create point-in-time representations of your data for restoring databases or shared file systems without downtime. Snapshots, create a read-only view that enables applications to access older file versions and directory hierarchies without additional workflows.

Get high availability

Cloud Volumes Service is a regional service. That means application instances in any of the Google Cloud zones in each region can access the same SMB volume, without having to manually create a zonal Linux cluster that you have to manage.

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IDC Infobrief, sponsored by Google

Modernize your Windows Server Workloads
on Google Cloud

"The data in Cloud Volumes Service [by NetApp] is protected against multiple drive failures... It gives full disk encryption without compromising storage application performance. With this single-source solution, we can meet overall compliance with industry and government regulations without negatively affecting the user experience.”

- Director, Infrastructure, US-based Manufacturing company

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Cloud Volumes Service Solution Brief

A Better Way to Manage Windows Workloads in Google Cloud

Ready to simplify Windows migration? Read this solution brief to learn why Cloud Volumes Service is ideal for helping you migrate Windows workloads to Google Cloud.

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Cost Benefit Analysis of Cloud Volumes Service

Cloud Volumes Service is the lowest cost, highest quality storage solution for Windows volumes in Google Cloud.

  • ic-cloud-7 Consume Volumes Instead of Managing Virtual Machines
    • Pre-defined policies based on regulatory requirements
    • PCI, HIPAA, GDPR, CCPA, LGPD and more
  • ic-control-01 Four Tiers So You Can Optimize Your Workload and Spending
    • Designed for modern day data types and scale
    • Understands data context to provide robust and accurate sensitive data identification
  • ic-pricing-10 Pay-As-You-Go Integrated Billing with Google Cloud

    Single line-item for service, billed by Google Cloud as part of your regular GCP invoice

See Cost Savings Breakdown

Instead of deploying and managing virtual machines, storage devices and operating systems, with Cloud Volumes Service you can simply consume volumes. The table below compares using Cloud Volumes Service to renting virtual machines and running a high-availability Windows File Server.

Monthly Storage Costs
Annual Storage Costs
Compute/VM Costs Monthly
Compute/VM Costs Annual
TCO (yearly)
NetApp Cloud Volumes
(50 TIB x Standard Service Level @ $0.10 per gibibytle/month snapshots included)
70% Savings
Roll Your Own HA File Server
(50TiB x Persistent Disck – Regional Provisioned SSD, snapshots not included
$ 208,896
(2x n1-standard-4 with 2x
375bg local SSD

Pricing Tiers That Match Your Needs

Get started for as little as $4/day.* With four service levels (Standard, Standard SW, Premium and Extreme) that can be changed on demand, you can find the right performance fit for your workload and adjust as the nature of your application changes.


4000 IOPS per TiB (4K IO) and 16MiB. Use cases include:

  • Web serving
  • Rich media content for apps
  • File backup
  • Home directories

Starting from


$ 0.10 / GB
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4000 IOPS per TiB (8k IO) and 32MiB. Use cases include:

  • Linux and SAP shared files
  • File and VMware repositories
  • CI/CD workflows
  • Persistent volumes for Kubernetes development

Starting from


$ 0.25 / GB
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16000 IOPS per TiB (4K IO) and 64MiB. Use cases include:

  • Virtualized applications
  • General purpose databases
  • Code & artifact repositories
  • Application transfer bus

Starting from


$ 0.20 / GB
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32000 IOPS per TiB (4K IO) and 128MiB. Use cases include:

  • High performance computing
  • OLTP

Starting from


$0.30 /GB


Cloud Volumes Service for Google Cloud
Global Availability Map

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Next Steps to Getting Started with Cloud Volumes Service

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Before you begin, ensure you have Billing Administrator role within Google Cloud

Click ‘Purchase’ and choose the appropriate pricing tier that best fits your use case


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